Returning? Part one

Recently I have been thinking about blogging… and thinking about wanting to start up again. I have been blogging off and on since 2000 and I was starting to miss it.  So here I am. No guarantees I will keep it up but it’s worth a shot. I have always loved how my blog was like a record of events, Twitter and Facebook just don’t have that same appeal… And there are so many upcoming events that need recording. 🙂

I will start by saying that instead of blogging I have been busy having the best spring and summer of my life. It has been absolutely magical and perfect in almost every way.  In early April we found out we would be having our first child. We hadn’t been actively timing it out and trying but we weren’t stopping it from happening either…. We were both thrilled. Jason has been ready for awhile, I was always too nervous about things like money or jobs, but if you keep waiting around for all those things to be perfect it will never happen. So i’m glad it just happened…

During the summer Jason had a 5 week long research trip to Europe planned out already. We had talked briefly about how great it would be for me to join him for a week or so… but the baby news put $ on my mind and that out of the picture. Well as is frequently the case, my great family decided this was one of our last chances to run off to Europe together without the worries of a family tying us down… so they helped to make a week in Paris happen. It was fabulous. I have visited Jason in Germany many times, he had been to Paris once but talked about how he tried to save so many moments so that we could do them together one day… and that one day finally happened.

I was at the end of my first trimester while there… Feeling good and still mostly like myself, just a little tired. He would work at the archives each day until 1 while I slept at the apartment we rented, then he would come home and we would spend the night exploring Paris together, it was perfect.  Having a whole week really allowed us to take our time and still do everything we wanted. Including a trip through the chunnel to spend a day touring London, just one month before the Olympics.
Say Cheese! Or Fromage!