Pinterest Successes and Failures…

So recently I have finally gotten around to making 3 recipes that I had pinned… 2 of them are mostly success stories, one is a failure…

First: Crock Pot French Toast

I was excited to make this while Jason’s family was visiting for Christmas… It made the house smell awesome… But it burned… I think my crock pot might be too big… and I slept in… even the non-burned parts were a little strange though so I’m not sure how it would have been.

Second: Fruit Cobbler

I thought Jason would love this… I used only strawberries and blueberries  And it turned out well. It has the same problem that another recipe I have has in that if the Sprite doesn’t spread well you are left with some powdery spots even after cooking. To me it just tasted like baked fruit with a little bit of crust, it was ok, but not great. Jason who eats bags of each of these fruits by themselves loved it though!

Third: Stuffing Meatloaf

This is the one I most consider a success. It literally takes 5 minutes of prep and one hour to cook. I love it, it is so simple. And you can change it up by getting different flavors of stuffing to mix in with it! Jason doesn’t seem as crazy about it as he is about other types of meatloaf I make, but the easiness of it outweighs everything else! 🙂

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