Returning – Part Two

After returning from Europe we began to get the house and nursery ready for the baby. We made a quick trip up to Wisconsin since we hadn’t been there in over 3 years probably. We got to hang out with Abbie and my family threw together a quick but great baby shower. It was so strange getting to see the flower girl and ring bearer from our wedding, only 8 years older!
When we returned from Wisconsin it was finally time to find out the gender, and we were finally able to say that we would be welcoming little girl Emma Leigh Verber into our family.

Since then we have both returned to work for the year and have been keeping busy but trying to enjoy our last few months as a family of two. I am now almost 29 weeks along. Emma is a mover and I can feel her moving almost all day long.  It is crazy to think that in just 10-11 weeks our world will be so different than it is today…

2 thoughts on “Returning – Part Two”

  1. I know, you can almost squeeze her chubby cheeks in that one. Because I am higher risk I get ultrasounds every four weeks… and in a few weeks I will be getting one a week. Since I have had such a healthy pregnancy despite being high risk the amount of ultrasounds I get has been really enjoyable. It is great getting to see her so much!

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