The nursery – so far

We tried to get as much done in the nursery as possible before we both started back to school. All the major components are there and ready. We are just waiting on the alphabet to hang on the wall and then to add a few more decorations to the wall once that main point is there.
View from the rockerView from the doorThe mamaroo... if you haven't seen what this thing can do, google it!!Baby sized Dr. Seuss chairChanging table and diaper organizerEmma's Zoo
Neither Jason nor I are into things being overly girly… so we had decided on our basic nursery theme long before we even knew the gender of little Emma. We want to foster a love of learning and reading so a book/Dr. Seuss theme just seemed appropriate. I found a bedding set I liked that came in great vibrant colors and the rest was history.
Crib and bedding
The hardest part was actually finding a rocker/glider. The current most popular versions are wood framed with cushions on them. They all looked ok, but there weren’t many you could actually sit in and try and with some of those that you could try it was easy to see that after a few hours or even less they weren’t that comfortable. Thanks to some prodding from my family I decided to go with an actual furniture recliner. It will be great to even sleep in if needed and would work outside of the nursery someday as well.
My rocker and a blanket my grandma made

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