Currently around here….

Waiting… for December. For Emma to be here. To be done with school for a little bit and to focus on Emma and J.

Feeling… Tired and exhausted. This week was parent-teacher conferences. So on Thursday I was at school from 7am to 8pm. From 4:30-7:30 I was booked solid in 15 minute increments with parents. It takes so much energy to talk to the parents about their children and their children’s progress. It is such a short time to try to convey everything you are doing and the progress or lack of progress that their children are making. We have our 2nd night of conferences this Thursday. I have to be there for the same amount of time but this time I only have about 5 parents scheduled so it shouldn’t feel quite as draining. Add to all that the fact that I can’t seem to sleep straight through the night and I’m definitely ready for a nap… 🙂

Anxious… about getting everything done. Not this week but the next I start going to the OB twice a week. The latest they can start my appointments is 3:30, I am technically free from school at 3:10. So it is going to be a bit of a time crunch. I am going to talk to my principal about not waiting to wave goodbye to busses or having two of my coteachers walk my kids through busses but I don’t want to be a pain or annoying to anyone either. Also this week we will probably be starting our prenatal labor and delivery classes. We had gone into the hospital to preregister but apparently the person who did that didn’t complete the process. So I have been playing phone tag with people trying to get us preregistered so we can register for the classes. The classes will be 2 hours long every Wednesday night. Between appointments and classes and regular life I feel like life is about to get very hectic.

Looking forward to… fall break. This next week of class is our last week before fall break. It will be great to have a week off to catch up on cleaning and sleeping and maybe get ahead on a few things like plans.

Enjoying…. The beautiful fall weather. The moments when I’m not hormonally insane and just incredibly happy with everything right now. My pregnancy has been amazing, Jason is amazing, my family and friends have given me so much…. I am really just so incredibly blessed, now someone needs to tell those crazy pregnancy hormones that every once and while. 😀

Missing… Two beautiful women I knew from my 6 years in Iowa passed away this past month. Both too young. One with 2 young children. They were both always such positive bright people who influenced so many despite their struggles. It really makes you appreciate what you have. It also makes me sad that I couldn’t be with their families and the rest of my Iowa friends as they had to say goodbye…

A brief version of a post inspired by Kirsten and Ali.

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