Fall Break

A week off… sounds glorious, doesn’t it? If only it were truly a week off. I have had a great fall break though. I have decided my favorite parts have been the mornings. I haven’t slept in much, but just not having to rush off has been great. Just laying in bed, being warm… surfing pinterest from my phone… Extra time with J… Actually getting to make some breakfast to eat… Casual  mornings have been magnificent!

I’ve accomplished a few work related things this week… I went to Alabama for one day to observe a teacher who uses our new math philosophy. While it took a whole day from break it was fun and great to spend time in another classroom in another place. Got grading done and some cleaning up in my classroom, as well as plans for the next two weeks… That means I only have about 5 weeks left to makes plans for until maternity leave!

I’m hoping to get a few things done around the house yet too… I have done the usual, laundry and stuff.. But I am hoping we can get some pictures hung this weekend.  Since moving we really haven’t put anything up on the walls and it’s starting to bother me… Maybe it’s the nesting instinct.

We started our prenatal classes. They have been going well. Nothing we didn’t really know yet… but we both enjoy the videos of cute babies and newborns. We also got to tour labor and delivery as well as the recovery rooms…

I started my twice a week appointments at my OB for non-stress tests. Emma has always been a big mover… well for the NST they strap a microphone to your belly and they want to measure her heartbeat for 20 minutes to make sure you aren’t contracting and she isn’t under stress… Well Emma moved around too much and they weren’t able to get a clear reading, so I had to go check into labor and delivery where they have slightly better equipment… So I got an extended tour in a way… I had to check in, get the bracelet, change into the gown, the whole thing… Everything turned out fine. She just likes to move. I loved when she had the hiccups while the microphone was on, it was adorable. The only problem is that what should be a 30 minute appointment turned into 3 hours… I definitely don’t want that happening twice a week. On Friday for my 2nd NST she went off the monitor a few times but the doctor said the reading was good enough… Luckily…

And to end the post, a recent picture of Emma waving hello… Or maybe fending the paparazzi off… hard to tell. 😀

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