Being parents – The first 2 weeks

Emma is one day away from being 2 weeks old… That means Jason and I have been parents for almost 2 weeks…

The first three days were spent in the hospital, other than seeing Emma and breastfeeding her I don’t remember the first 24 hours all that well, lots of drugs and pretty much tied into my bed… The nurses came every hour or 2 to check on Emma and me… They kept telling me they would take her if I wanted a break, I didn’t want a break. She is a pretty perfect baby so far. She doesn’t cry a lot, when she does it isn’t that loud… and her cry is almost always settled by a cuddle or some food. I didn’t really need a break from her, so she stayed with me except for a couple hours each morning when the pediatrician looked her over.

On the third day I got to go home, that day my parents and my aunt and uncle arrived in town. My mom and aunt stayed for one week, my dad and uncle continued on to  my parents winter place in Florida… So the entire first week I was very taken care of, my mom and aunt cleaned and organized my house, cooked for us and more… It was great! They left Saturday for Florida.

We have been on our own for about 48 hours now. We are still loving every minute of it! Not that it doesn’t have challenges, not that we aren’t tired… but we just love it so much. We love her, we love each other, we love all being together, it is so perfect that it is hard to describe.

We have known for 10+ years that we wanted to be parents, and that we wanted to be parents together…. but becoming adults, being responsible and waiting for other life events always seemed to take precedent… I am so glad that it finally just happened. I couldn’t imagine our lives any different than they are right now at this moment.

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