Emma at 4 months


It has finally sunk in that you are growing. And growing fast.

You are up to 12 pounds. Double your birth weight, more than double the weight you were when you came home from the hospital.


We are practicing learning to sit. The Boppy and Tummy Time Boppy make a good combination to help you learn this.


You are starting to show your personality more, you do goofy things and look to us for a smile or a laugh in response.


About half way through the month we stopped breastfeeding. Now you just cuddle with mommy for bonding time.

You are eating a lot, between 6-9 4oz bottles a day.

You still have no issues with the taste of any formulas, vitamins or medicine we give you.


The puppies have begun to take an interest in you, giving you kisses and  sniffs now and then.


Your head control is amazing now. It is great to be able to hand you back and forth without worrying about your head as much.


March 31st will be your first Easter, we put you in your Easter dress to go meet the Easter bunny at the mall. We were happy to get a good smile.



We had our first real snowfall of the year. We used this to teach you about the life cycle of a snowman, you seemed a little sad when he was gone but you really enjoyed feeling the cold snow with your fingers.


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