Emma at 7 months



Wow! Big Month! You spent most of the last month on the road.

We started the month with a trip to Wisconsin. You got to meet your Aunts as well as a bunch of other family. You also got baptized. It was an amazing trip.



You had your first trip to the zoo! (a small zoo)


We ended our trip up to the midwest by swinging through Iowa on the way home and visiting our “family” there.


We came home for about a week and half… you had your 6 month check up. You now weigh 16 pounds. We decided to make your next box of diapers a size 3.


Our next trip was up to Rhode Island. There you met your great grandparents and many cousins. It was so great to see family that we don’t see often enough.


You roll easily from front to back and even do a little scooting on the floor.

You look ready to crawl but aren’t there yet.

No teeth yet.

You continue to try new foods, doctor gave us the go ahead for table food and protein. You love Mum Mums but haven’t mastered picking up the puffs yet.


You love to jump in your Johnny Jump Up or your Jumperoo.


You were a trooper on the road but you now really dislike the car seat. We switched you to your “big girl” conversion car seat between trips, having a different seat helped.


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