Emma at 8 months old

IMG_4929 IMG_4884IMG_4974At 8 months old we are adding another picture to our round up… You with elephant, you across the chair from elephant and YOU STANDING!!! We will see how long we can get one like that! 🙂 This time you even fell forward then pushed yourself back to standing!

IMG_4970You are simply amazing at 8 months old. Smiles are no longer rare and we have a few stand-by tricks that will almost always get us one.

IMG_4038You started the month still on the road visiting your great grandparents and second cousins. Our time up there was so much fun. You had your first trip to the beach and to a pool. I love you in that swimsuit, I would have you wear it everyday if it made sense…

IMG_3644 IMG_3665 1052653_291398414339818_1029078233_o 1040040_291398781006448_1088376805_oYour first fourth of July was spend at home, recovering from vacation and hoping no neighbors blew themselves up.

IMG_3756We went on several walks together to enjoy the great summer weather. You are always a trooper but usually fall asleep by the end.

IMG_3931You continue to try new foods. We have added yogurt, peaches, turkey and probably a few more things to your list. We are also working on getting you to hold your own bottle, you are NOT interested!

IMG_4026You and Tigger continue to be the absolute best of friends. It is adorable to watch you together. I am so happy he is so patient with you.

IMG_3846Your mobility has increased greatly. You aren’t officially crawling but you can move across the room entirely through various scoots and rolls. Crawling won’t be far off.

IMG_4161 IMG_3976 IMG_3921 IMG_3801It is becoming obvious how quickly you are growing. I cherish the moments when I see signs of the baby Emma but I am loving all the fun new things you can do and how much you interact with us.

IMG_3984 IMG_4841


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