Wishes and Fears


As I watch my adult friends struggle with becoming who they are, with hurt, with loss, with life… I am afraid for you. I am afraid that I know I won’t be able to protect you from everything, from lots of things… Right now your biggest troubles are that you want to climb on the couch and you can’t… that your evil parents won’t let you play in the dog food… that your gums hurt because your teeth are coming in… I wish those were the biggest obstacles you would face in your life, and your dad and I will do everything we can to help keep it that way. But I know there will be problems, illnesses, heartbreak, friendships lost and any number of unimaginable things that will hurt you and leave you doubting you are loved, wanted, needed or going to be ok. What I hope and wish more than anything is that if we do one thing right as we raise you is that we show you that without a doubt… no matter what mistakes you make… we will love you. We may not always agree with your decisions, we may try to talk you out of things, while you are still young enough we may even forbid you from doing things you think you need/want to do. But I hope that despite those times you are angry with us you can always see and remember the reason we are doing it. You are an absolute blessing. You are perfect, now and always. Nothing has confirmed my faith in God more than going through pregnancy and having you. You are just as God intended you to be and I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope I can help you to grow up feeling that way about yourself as well.



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