Emma at 10 months

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This month was about fun and being together as a family when we could. Both your dad and I are back into work full swing so our weekday schedules are busy. We took advantage of weekends with you this month.

IMG_4826 IMG_4878

We got a membership the the zoo and have already visited three times. You went on your first carousel ride there. You are finally seeming to notice the giraffes and elephants. One of the younger giraffes looks just like Sophie.

IMG_5054 IMG_4964

We took you to the park a few times where you enjoyed the swings. We bought a swing to put under the deck but we don’t have it installed yet.


Music class started up again. You love to sit in the middle of the carpet and stare at everyone and what they are doing.


You are starting to notice and enjoy reading books more.


You are just so fun and playful.

IMG_5600 IMG_5645

Crawling is old news, you go where you want when you want… and now you can pull up, on anything and everything. You love to be standing.

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