Emma at 11 months

I can believe that on the next post it will be a year… It is so surreal… and so wonderful. You continue to be a wonderful and perfect baby in every way.

IMG_5842 IMG_5688 IMG_5738 IMG_5785

You are incredibly mobile now… making staged shots just a bit harder than it used to be when we could plop you down in one spot… But it’s still fun.


Speaking of mobile, you have started getting into the kitchen cabinets… “for fun.” Jason finished baby-proofing them this weekend… no more “fun.”


You aren’t walking by yourself yet but you walk easily along furniture and with a walker. I think walking on your own isn’t far off.

IMG_6358 IMG_5719

Your first halloween is at the end of this month. Your Ewok costume has turned out to be adorable. And the tricycle from your Aunt Dara has proven to be the perfect trick or treat ride. You have been a hit at Ghouls at Grassmere (zoo), Fright on Franklin (downtown), and G.H.O.S.T. (APSU).


Your dad got the swing installed under the deck. You love every minute of it!

IMG_5924 IMG_5858

We took lots of little weekend trips this month… of course a few trips to the zoo and your first trip to a pumpkin patch.

You continue to amaze us and make us love you more each day. You truly are the most perfect daughter we could imagine. I can’t wait for all the exciting adventures ahead!

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