Emma at 4 months


It has finally sunk in that you are growing. And growing fast.

You are up to 12 pounds. Double your birth weight, more than double the weight you were when you came home from the hospital.


We are practicing learning to sit. The Boppy and Tummy Time Boppy make a good combination to help you learn this.


You are starting to show your personality more, you do goofy things and look to us for a smile or a laugh in response.


About half way through the month we stopped breastfeeding. Now you just cuddle with mommy for bonding time.

You are eating a lot, between 6-9 4oz bottles a day.

You still have no issues with the taste of any formulas, vitamins or medicine we give you.


The puppies have begun to take an interest in you, giving you kisses and  sniffs now and then.


Your head control is amazing now. It is great to be able to hand you back and forth without worrying about your head as much.


March 31st will be your first Easter, we put you in your Easter dress to go meet the Easter bunny at the mall. We were happy to get a good smile.



We had our first real snowfall of the year. We used this to teach you about the life cycle of a snowman, you seemed a little sad when he was gone but you really enjoyed feeling the cold snow with your fingers.


Emma at 3 months


Finally captured a good smile, even if it’s a little blurry.

February was a big month for you.

You are still obsessed with your tongue and the fact that you have one. You are constantly sticking it out.


You started daycare 3 days a week.

I went back to work full time.

You spend 2 days a week home with daddy.


We send birth announcements to Disney, the President and the Vatican. You received a post card from Mickey and President Obama.


You have become pretty good at controlling your neck and head. You spend more time in the Bumbo because of it.


All the time we spend apart makes our weekends and all the cuddles more special.


People keep saying you look like me, I think you are too pretty though. You are the sweetest baby in the world. 🙂


You celebrated your first Valentine’s day with a single white rose from daddy along with some slow dances and kisses.


Your improved head control also makes being upright in daddy’s arms a favorite spot to spend time.


But when you get tired of holding your head up you always have a spot to lay it down.


You continue to be ok with bathtime but you aren’t a fan of the cold afterwards.




Grandpa Glatczak along with Aunt Dara, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Christian all went to the Daytona 500. You were glued to the TV, I presume watching for them in the stands.




You also got your first ear infection. Hopefully not a sign of things to come. But even with the ear infection you only wake up once or twice during the night.

Emma at 2 months

Emma at Two Months with Elephant

Emma at Two Months next to Elephant

You are still in newborn diapers and clothes, but when we finish this box of NB diapers you will move into size 1.

You weigh about 9 lbs 4 ounces. (You left the hospital at 5lbs 10 ounes)

You are still only breastfed but the pediatrician recommends trying some formula soon so we know you can have it if you need to at any point.

I am still on maternity leave with you but daddy has returned to work.

You got your social security card and we were able to open up your savings account with lots of generous gifts from family and friends.

social security

Your grandpa and family came to meet you near the middle of the month.


You started practicing sitting using your Bumbo chair, your neck control is getting pretty good.


You have always been a big kicker so this seemed like a natural choice when picking out a baby gym for you, you hit the keys a lot but you don’t know you are causing the music yet.

The mirror and animals  have begun to catch your attention.



Daddy sings and plays guitar and piano for you, it’s fun. 🙂

music with daddy

Daddy brought us breakfast in bed a few times in the last month, it’s great to just hang out as a family.

breakfast in bed

The return to reading

After about a 1 year hiatus I have returned to reading. In 2011 I finished the last book in a 7 book series called Outlander, the series is great and I highly recommend it, but it is long. I think it wore me out. I read a few books after that including the Hunger Games series and Portia DeRossi’s book but my drive to read was dwindling…

Well it returned. I started back up with a book called The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The movie looked interesting to me and I like to read books before I see the movie so it seemed like a great place to start. It was a good quick read, just two days, and I enjoyed it. It is written in an interesting style. The main character writes letters describing his life to a man he has never met. Through these letters you get to learn about Charlie’s first year of high school. It was interesting and unique, I can’t wait to see the movie now. Up next is Ellen DeGeneres’s book Seriously… I’m Kidding.

Pinterest Successes and Failures…

So recently I have finally gotten around to making 3 recipes that I had pinned… 2 of them are mostly success stories, one is a failure…

First: Crock Pot French Toast

I was excited to make this while Jason’s family was visiting for Christmas… It made the house smell awesome… But it burned… I think my crock pot might be too big… and I slept in… even the non-burned parts were a little strange though so I’m not sure how it would have been.

Second: Fruit Cobbler

I thought Jason would love this… I used only strawberries and blueberries  And it turned out well. It has the same problem that another recipe I have has in that if the Sprite doesn’t spread well you are left with some powdery spots even after cooking. To me it just tasted like baked fruit with a little bit of crust, it was ok, but not great. Jason who eats bags of each of these fruits by themselves loved it though!

Third: Stuffing Meatloaf

This is the one I most consider a success. It literally takes 5 minutes of prep and one hour to cook. I love it, it is so simple. And you can change it up by getting different flavors of stuffing to mix in with it! Jason doesn’t seem as crazy about it as he is about other types of meatloaf I make, but the easiness of it outweighs everything else! 🙂